This discovery to digitize complex engineering calculations into rich, easy to use FLASH files isn't exactly new to them. They've been at it since 2005, but this experience to the rest of the world is still almost completely unknown.

"I'm amazed that this technology isn't mainstream by now" claims Frank L. Bennardo, P. E., founder of the firm and of this revolutionary connection between engineering formulas and FLASH programming. "I figured that by 2010, this technology would have replaced every PDF and book table, chart, and formula by now" he adds.

Well, that hasn't happened and he's been at it ever since he had the brainstorm to connect the two to bring this vision to reality. It appears that all that was needed were a few missing pieces which were recently uncovered by watching how WIDGETS are progressing on mainstream websites.

As Frank further explains, "I was amazed at how easy it was to use a WIDGET, copy the code to wherever I needed it, and access the data. Then I searched for engineering WIDGETS and all I could find was a calculator and unit converter". And so the missing puzzle piece was put into place, adopting their honed system of creating large and complicated online FLASH calculators into smaller, portable WIDGETS. "That was the missing piece of technology that puts this all together and creates a platform that can propel this need into the mainstream for almost anyone".

In a nutshell, Engineering Express has found a very clean and adaptable way to take table or chart data and convert the inputs to dials, sliders, and animation that can show in real time not only the answer, but iterations in between the table answers. These WIDGETS also make possible reverse questions where you may know the answer but not the question. By sliding a dial or slider and watching the real time answers, you can find the 'sweet spot'- the perfect design. They do thousands of calculations in seconds what is unlikely to ever be done by hand. A WIDGET can also contain many tables in one, and can be programmed to show further solutions beyond the table, even in picture and video format. Gone are the wasteful days of grossly over-designing a component because finding the right answer takes more time and costs more than it's worth.

These WIDGETS go far beyond 'geeky' calculations that will inevitably change the worlds of engineers, architects, and contractors. They are able to help answer many of the questions the general public would ask- at a Lowe's or Home Depot, for example. Imagine a touch screen kiosk at your disposal in 'isle 7' instantly answering questions like how many boxes of flooring to buy for a given area- while also telling you the cost, waste factor, how much glue to buy, and perhaps even offering a discount coupon or informing you of the perfect wood stain to go with the product. Take the idea into the plumbing department, electrical department, wood section and carpeting & drapes, and you have a whole new generation of questions and answers that can save manufacturers (and the retail stores) millions of dollars and generate completely new revenue streams in line with the visions of the future of economics.

Engineering Express has also figured out how to offer the embed code for their WIDGETS and even allow you to post them to your iGoogle page in a single click (Don't have one of those yet? Get with it!) . This means that you can mash up just the WIDGETS you need (say you're a glass company, you could put a Weight of Glass WIDGET, a Wind Pressure Design WIDGET, Aluminum Tube Mullion Check WIDGET, and a Weld Check WIDGET all on a tab in iGoogle, and make them accessible to you anywhere, anytime, maybe also post them to your Facebook Wall, or put them on your company website to help your customers get answers easier and help better select your products.

It's Engineering Express's hopes that every company that publishes a chart or table will call on them (like Powers Fasteners did to put nearly an entire catalog into one FLASH tool) to convert their data. They say the time has come that every lumber, bar joist, brick selection, strap connector, window or door size selection chart, and hundreds of other uses be freed from their archaic chains of hardcopy paper and static PDF downloads and offered this wonderland of new possibilities to roam.

They already have over 30 free widgets and tools to choose from and growing fast, found on their website at http://www. engexp. com/exos/widgets. cfm and even a Youtube Video Channel to help explain the concept and individual use (search for 'EngineeringExpress' in YouTube or find it on their website) . They also have aggressive, Google-like business models to make this technology available to even the most struggling of companies in this economy. "These WIDGETS will quickly help your business by attracting new customers, allow better existing customer retention, and help you go from inquiry to closing a sale much more quickly, and we're willing to ride that curve with you" states Frank. Their organic growth of this technology affords them much leeway and allows them to invest in the future, a rare find in these trying times.

Already gaining interest among the Product Approval Industry and being looked at by building codes to replace static age-old charts and tables, Engineering Express is the company to watch in 2010 with their WIDGET goldmine (investors inquire within) .

Visit them online at http://www. engexp. com and while you're there, take notice of their Online Plan Store (a first of its kind) , a free Industry Knowledge Base, and perhaps the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff ever assembled in their field for their unique blend of smaller, custom engineering work in 10 departments and 24 states in the US and growing. Very impressive, indeed.

Find them at:
Engineering Express®
160 SW 12th Ave #106, Deerfield, FL 33442
(954) 354-0660 1-866-ENG-EXP1 FAX: (954) 354-0443
Office@engexp. com http://www. engexp. com

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Nov 18, 2009

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