ViVa Actuators – Amplified piezo actuator, perfect for valves and flow controls with enough stroke to replace solenoids.

The ViVa piezo actuator is designed to replace many solenoid applications. With different sizes and strokes, the actuators can be engineered to fit nearly any application that a solenoid would. Viking currently has an easily modified 3mm and a 12mm that handles most applications with variances to allow for push or pull actions.

Diversity and performance are key benefits in ViVa actuators that drive reliable control at an affordable price for manufacturing. Solenoids have held on as a simple answer to applications because they have been around for over 200 years, but no longer support the growing needs of technology and consumer needs. Piezo actuators are now affordable options to replace solenoids, and with a 95% - 98% reduction in power consumption, that is a savings that keeps on giving. Battery life is increased from 6 months to 6 years or more in comparison. One exciting way our ViVa actuators are being used is in medical simulation units simulating a controllable pulse. The precision necessary, durability and reliability are critical in these units and ViVa actuators rise to the occasion.

Viking AT has been developing real world piezo solutions, such as piezo valves, for decades that are used worldwide in different applications and businesses. Roger Palmer, VP of Innovation and Technology at Parker Hannifin commented on Viking’s Engineering Team and Performance in the many years of working with Viking:

“The engineering team at Viking is top notch and we have collaborated on several different projects and always comes through with innovative solutions for new product opportunities at Parker Hannifin. ” -Roger Palmer, RAC-ING VP Innovation & Technology, Parker Hannifin

Another benefit to Viking AT’s piezo actuators is the superior resistance to vibration, which continues to make ViVa piezo technology stand out for clean, precise, long lasting reliable service in almost any environment and application. Maintaining low temperatures during actuation for an indefinite length of time is another unique benefit to ViVa’s design and performance. Low to no friction is another incredible benefit that sets ViVa apart from other actuator technology. With 46 patents (some pending) , Viking has been called on to solve some of the world’s most challenging piezo actuation goals with great success.

Other benefits include:
• Low magnetic signature
• Extreme life cycles
• Multi configurable
• Integrate-able positional feedback
• Integrate-able force & pressure sensing

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Aug 18, 2014

Business Details

Viking AT is an Engineering Group in Based in Sarasota, Florida with over 46 patents specializing in the mechanical and electrical engineering for Piezo and Actuation Technologies for flow controls, valves, and advanced actuator products. Serving Fortune 500 clients like Parker Hannifin, CAE Healthcare, and small companies or inventors, we are a world leader in Piezo Technology.

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