EMA has years of Structural & Forensic Engineering experience in Structural design, Structural analysis, Structural engineering services, Structural special inspections, structural damage assessments of residential, commercial, Industrial, Airport and Seaport buildings. He has also performed work as a forensic engineer in Florida, Mississippi & Louisiana on numerous projects after Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Charlie, Irene, Mathew, Michael, Hurricane Francis, Katrina etc.


Professional Engineer in Florida
Professional Engineer in Louisiana
Registered Engineer in Mississippi
Special Inspector/Threshold Inspector, State of Florida
Licensed Building Inspector by SBCCI since 1994

Published on

Sep 30, 2019

Business Details

EMA Forensic Associates is a structural & forensic engineering firm. Our practice, primarily specializes in damage assessments and forensic engineering investigation including flood damage inspections, roof hail damage inspections, roof wind damage inspections, roof structural damage inspections, roof leaks, floor tile damage claims, SB-408 and sinkhole structural damage inspections, structural engineers,

  • The structural Forensic Engineers have performed forensic damage inspection of 48 buildings

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