Prakhar Agrawal

Seeking a full –time position as a Mechanical Engineer to utilize my skill - set for the growth of the company as well as mine.
• University of Florida, Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Graduated: April 2016
Specialization: Solid Mechanics, Design & Manufacturing GPA: 3.4/4
• Visvesvarya Technical University, India
Graduated: June 2014
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering First class with Distinction

SAE INTERNATIONAL GO-KART Championship – Team Arion, L.P.U. Punjab, India September 2013- April 2014
• Team Lead as lead Power Train Engineer and Designer and were ranked 5th out of the 55 participating teams
• Achieved the goal of designing and building a Go-Kart under an extremely low budget of US $810 equivalent.
• Responsible for planning the entire project to meet the time and cost constraint.
• Improved stability of the Go-Kart while turning and cornering by designing the chassis to be of wider track width.
• Used Cold Drawn seamless steel for manufacturing chassis for a higher strength to weight ratio.
SHELL ECO - MARATHON ASIA, 2014 – Team Futuramic, Manilla, Philippines August 2013-February 2014
• Project Lead as Manufacturing & Engine Performance Engineer
• Successfully cleared technical and safety rounds for designing and manufacturing a concept-utility vehicle to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.
• Summarized and presented technical reports to the panel of judges for evaluation.
• Responsible for initial stage testing of the vehicle components and study its effects on Engine performance to optimize fuel Efficiency.
• Reduced the overall weight of the vehicle by using plastic fiber as the material for shell and using Aluminum 6066 for Chassis.
• Performed FEA stress analysis of the chassis under fully - stressed condition to remove extra links from the design.
• Implemented Double piston head in the engine to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency.
In Plant Intern - Legend Alloys Pvt. Ltd. (Cast Iron Foundry) June 2012- September 2012
• Improved and Implemented Scheduling for Optimal Casting Sequence resulting in improved efficiency.
• Became Knowledgeable in the operations and machinery of entire plant including Cupola Furnace, casting process and the machining of cast products
PROJECT WORK (University of Florida)
Design of Plane Truss Element using Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) Feb. 2015
• Designed 6 bay truss with 31 bars in ABAQUS software to find Element forces and tip Displacements.
• Determined the Equivalent Beam properties of the structure, by assuming it behaves like a cantilever beam
• Successfully reduced the weight of the structure approximately by 50% using the concept of Fully – Stressed Design.
Torque arm Modelling, Simulation & Optimization April 2015
• Performed Element Study in ABAQUS for four different element types (Q4, Q8, CST and LST) to study their effects on Structure.
• Performed Convergence study to find a reasonable Mesh size by using Richardson’s Extrapolation method.
• Performed Parametric Study to obtain the optimum weight of the structure by varying design parameters (Radius of holes, Length).
Topology and Size optimization Oct. 2015
• Used Topology Optimization to find the optimum configuration to minimize compliance.
• Analyzed the effect of discretization (element size) and oscillation control parameter (r) on optimum topology.
• Used CalFEM (Matlab – toolbox) to interpret the topology designed output into beam model.
• Optimized the weight of the structure with constraints on maximum axial stress by changing the heights of individual beams.
Reliability based Design Optimization of Paper Helicopter. Dec. 2015
• Created 15 different designs using ‘Face Centered, Central Composite design’ (FCCCD) as the Design of Experiments (D.O.E.).
• Devised a Surrogate model to fit all the data collected by performing ‘Drop Test’ for all 15 designs, using Linear Regression in MatLab.
• Found the optimum design that had the minimum weight with a probability of dropping time being less than 10%.
• Captain, University of Florida Cricket team. April 2015 – April 2016
• Seminar presenter- Engineering Leadership Seminar. Topic - First Step to being a Great leader is to first become a great team Member. Oct. 2014

• FEA ( Linear & Non – Linear)
• Hands–on experience using tools in an Automotive Environment.
• Proficient in MATLAB, ABAQUS, Ansys, SOLID WORKS, Microsoft Office Suite and Windows OS
• Automotive Engineering
• Engineering Leadership, Engineering Entrepreneurship and Operations management.
• Data presentation and Experimental planning
• Approximation and Optimization.
• Thermodynamics

Key Skills

FEA, Automotive, CAE, Manufacturing

Educational Details

Master's in Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida

Desired Salary

60,000 - 65,000

Total Experience

1 years

Year of Birth

1990, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Prakhar Agrawal

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City & State

Gainesville, Florida

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4000 SW 37th Blvd.