Seeking a fulfilling full-time position in electrical engineering to become a valuable asset. Available February 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology |Atlanta, GA
Aug 2013-Present
• Overall GPA: 3.63/4.0 Graduated in Dec 2015
• B.S. In Electrical Engineering ( Highest Honor)
Most Significant Elective Coursework:
Electromechanical Energy Conversion (ECE 3300) Power system control and Analysis (ECE 4320)
Devices for renewable energy (ECE 4803) Feedback Control Systems (ECE 3550)
Georgia Perimeter College | Clarkston, GA May 2010 –May 2013
• Overall GPA: 3.90
• Associates in Physics/Engineering

Universite de Cocody | Abidjan, Ivory Coast August 2007 – July 2008
• Overall GPA : 4.0/4.0
• Coursework in Accounting, Abstract mathematics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

ZIGURA | Atlanta, GA December 2014- Present
• This is a very innovative company import/export business I created in December 2014.
• I created the website for the company by using WordPress, HTML, and CSS and using tools such as FileZilla.
• This experience allowed me to improve my networking skills, presentation skills, entrepreneurial skills, and leadership skills.
Operational Security Systems | Atlanta, GA May 2014- July 2014 Engineering internship
• Gained a lot of field experience doing sites assessments and physical security hardware installation by working at more than 15 locations around the Metro Atlanta area.

277th Army National Guard Maintenance unit | Kennesaw, GA Jan 2012 – September 2015
• Trained in the Army Ordnance school as a generator mechanic
• Worked alongside military officers to make sure that generators were always mission ready
• Had a lot of leadership training by guiding and supervising squad of new generator mechanics
• Achieved the rank of Specialist (E4) in the Army
Securitas | Norcross, GA July 2013 – July 2014
• Was in charge of the security of a Sprint data center located in Norcross, GA.
MESA | Georgia Perimeter College| Clarkston, GA May 2011- May 2013
• Tutored mathematics, physics, engineering statics and Chemistry to freshmen and sophomores for 2 years.
• Tutored students for the SAT math portion and GMAT math portion


Senior Design Project (Group leader) May 2015- Present
• Led the design team and coordinated all the tasks for the design of the solar powered water purification system
• Designed the overall system, the filtration system, the circuit for the control system and the temperature sensor
• Had a successful and working prototype ahead of schedule with a very limited budget
IC Fabrication Summer 2015
• fabricated MOS transistors, diffused resistors and MOS capacitors from a bare silicon substrate in the lab
Power Systems and Controls Fall 2015
• Used the software Mathematica to model Power flow equations between 4 buses and find different values of the parameters by using multiples iterations of the Newton/Raphson algorithm
Devices for Renewable Energy Fall 2015
• Designed a 3 bandgap tandem solar cell for theoretical optimum performance


• Experience in C++, Mathcad, Matlab, LTspice, Mathematica, Multisim, WordPress, Excel, Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Experience using the Oscilloscope, multimeter, function generator, mbed microcontroller through projects and labs. Had exposure to VHDL, JAVA, and AutoCAD.
• Proficient in Power systems from coursework ranging electromechanical energy conversion to renewable energy.
• Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
• Fluent in French (Can speak, write, and understand French at a native speaker level).
• Proficient in technical communications.
• Experience leading small teams of engineering students.
• Very cost savvy, business-minded and proficient at giving presentations.

• Award of Scholar of Excellence in engineering-Spring 2013
• Recipient of multiple academic Outstanding awards in disciplines such as Award of Outstanding student in Discrete Mathematics-Spring 2013
• Award of Scholar of Excellence in engineering-Spring 2013
• Award of Outstanding student in General Chemistry 2 Lab-Spring 2013
• Award of Outstanding STEM student -Spring 2013
• Award of Outstanding student in Intro to Statistics – Fall 2013
• Award of Outstanding student in Linear Algebra – Fall 2012
• Award of Outstanding student in Java Programming - Fall 2012
• Award of Outstanding student in Calculus 3 – Spring 2012
• Award of Outstanding student in Calculus 2 – Fall 2011
• Recipient of the Georgia Minority Engineering student scholarship – Fall 2015
• Finalist of Shell SRD

Acceptable Locations

Atlanta, GA

Desired Salary

Above 55000

Total Experience

0 years

Year of Birth

1989, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Abdoulaye B Diallo

Phone Number


City & State

Clarkston, Georgia

Street Address

3908 Memorial College Ave apt 05