Warid Telecom, Pakistan
July, 2013 - September, 2015
LTE Design and Optimization Engineer
• Cluster level monitoring and analysis of KPIs related to Accessibility, Retainability, Integrity and Mobility. Troubleshooting of cells causing degradation in cluster level KPI.
• Weekly worst cells analysis and troubleshooting based on different criteria including PDCP Throughput, Session Setup Success Rate, ERAB Drop Rate and Handover Success Rate.
• Drive Test based Cluster Optimization to improve KPIs for coverage and quality. Addressing patches with bad SINR for improvement of subscriber perceived throughput via containment of cells and filling in coverage holes with dominant server creation.
• End to end CSFB performance monitoring using MSS level CSFB stats (CSFB SGs End-User Perceived Paging Success Rate and Paging Procedure Success Rate). Highlighting Core parameter problems for rectification.
• In depth analysis and troubleshooting of main events (Access failures, RRC drops, Handover failures) by analyzing Layer-3 messages from log files.
• Extraction of parameter dumps through AMOS using Ericsson OSS and Nepa tool. Routine Parameters and Intra-LTE (A3 Handover) and Inter-RAT (A2 Handover) Neighbour Audits (and Optimization) to maintain the network performance.
• Using Cell & UE Traces to investigate worst cells & for CSFB & Service Accessibility related issues reported by VIP customers.
• Evaluation of SSVs of LTE sites from design perspective as well as mobility & static testing of DL/UL Throughputs, latency, CSFB, Intra-LTE & IRAT Handovers & verification of radio parameters like PCIs, RSRP, RSRQ & CINR etc.
• Handling LTE customer complaints & making efforts to resolve them through physical design and/or soft parametric changes.
• Technical checklist and parameter tweaking done to successfully pass all tests by Samsung & Apple in order to become their official partners to sell handsets through Warid Pakistan.

Warid Telecom, Pakistan
November, 2011 - June, 2013
Radio Network Optimization Engineer
• Trouble shooting and Optimization based on Statistical Analysis through ENIQ, Drive Tests & use of OSS tools like MRR, NCS, MTR, FAS etc. Identification of problems in 4 Major sections of 2G KPIs namely Accessibility, Integrity, Retainability and Mobility.
• Trouble shooting worst cells with w.r.t. SDCCH/TCH Establishment, Congestion and Drop Rate; Using BSS parameters & software features to optimize KPIs.
• KPIs Optimization for both Indoor & Outdoor solutions; tuning of parameters using features like HCS (Hierarchical Cell Structures) for proper traffic distribution, handovers and to avoid IBS spillage.
• Cluster/City vendor swaps experience including KPIs, parameter & drive test benchmarking analysis. Recommendations to improve these KPIs to maintain and further improve customer experience.
• Special Events: Planning and generating Radio Plans for Special Events. Real-time monitoring of Statistics/KPIs through R-PMO.
• Responsible for Optimization and Statistical Analysis of GPRS/EDGE KPIs such as Throughput, Radio Link Bitrates, TBF Establishment Rate, PDCH Allocation Rate etc at Cell/BSC level. DL EDGE Throughput & Accessibility analysis and improvement recommendations.
• Design & optimize Paging per Second per BSC by improving Paging Success Rate by fine tuning LAC borders/CRH modification.
• Lead the project and improved Paging Discards of highly congested BSCs by LAC splitting, MFRMS & AGBLK modification.
• Generation & analysis of statistical data reports for identification of poor-performing cells in the network as per defined KPIs with the vendor.
• Providing complete Cell Design Data (CDD), monitoring and verification of acceptance drive tests as per defined drive routes for newly integrated/upgraded sites of different phases in the regional network.

Warid Telecom, Pakistan

January, 2008 - October, 2011
Radio Network Design Engineer
• Decisions of Rollout and planning of new sites in collaboration with the marketing division so as to maximize the revenue and market growth.
• Played pivotal role in design, planning and implementation of Pre-launch (1,200 new sites) project in the Warid Network.
• Design of ODMs & IBS using CW (Continuous Wave) Testing by TEMS Test Transmitter and Test RF Antenna, identifying the coverage holes and conducting Walk Tests in Frequency Scanning Mode.
• Decide the number and/or antenna positioning required per DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for sufficient coverage while keeping the spillage to a minimum of Indoor Building Solutions.
• Trials and recommendations for RF Repeaters to enhance signal strength in areas of no coverage – ‘blind spots.’
• Coverage Predictions and Model Tuning using TEMS Cell Planner Universal (TCPU).
• Profiling and Technical Site Surveys (TSS) of Macro, Micro/IBS & Repeater sites.
• Managing & supervising different Vendor Teams (Ericsson, Huawei) for Rollout, Civil Works and Implementation. Mediation between different departments so as to continue the on-site activities and deliver the site on-time.
• Weekly traffic analysis in order to determine the traffic trends for all cells.
• Recommendations for improvement of overall network quality.

Corvit Network
November 15, 2007 – January 14, 2008
Executive Engineer (Pre-Sales)

Advance Tech
March 19, 2007 – October 31, 2007
Sr. Executive Sales & Product

• RF Tools: ENIQ, Business Objects (BO), PRS, IManager 2000, Citrix, AMOS, Nepa, TEMS Investigation, TEMS Discovery, TEMS Cell Planner Universal (TCPU), ACTIX, Atoll.
• Applications: Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint
• Possess strong presentation, communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong work ethics, good time management skills and multitasking.
• Eager to work, quick learner and team player.

Educational Details

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Acceptable Locations

Anywhere across US

Desired Salary


Total Experience

8 years

Year of Birth

1984, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Syed Ali Messam Raza

Phone Number


City & State

Spring, Texas

Street Address

4723 Coltwood Drive