I am Mechanical engineer since 2002/2003 and directly work as engineer with US Army and gradually have gotten experience, I worked with US Army Corp Of Engineer and other American companies which has participated in Iraq rebuilding and renovations then after some years I have worked as contractor directly with US Army-civil affairs and sub-contractor with American companies as well as the human organizations like USAID.

Key Skills

I worked in Iraq Engineers Forward Support Team to collection force (US Army), the team was had responsibility on Northern Province and coordinated between collection force and Iraqi governments. The I-FEST Team consisted of 14 Iraqi Engineers providing project assessments, Scopes of Work, engineering design, cost estimates and QAQC inspections for missions including oil refineries, electrical generation plants, facility hardening, water treatment, schools, clinics, roads & bridge projects throughout Iraq.
 I worked as Quality Control Engineering with parson's company, ITSI Innovative Technical solutions Inc., on different sites on fire stations in Iraq.
 I worked with Projects Management Office (P.M.O), this program organized by the civil affairs, US Army, on FOB Danger. Project assessment, scope of work and costing.
 I worked (assessment, rebuild) with (USACE) US Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, Tikrit resident office, in FOB Spiecher when I was worked with I-FEST team. (Mrs. Rona parker and Mr. Nelson.).
 I worked contractor with ECCI (Environment Chemical Corporation International) in FOB ORYN in Iraq, supply and install water treatment plant with pipeline and network with cost approximately 250,000$.
 I worked contractor with (Department of the army/ Headquarters, 3rd Squadron 4th US cavalry 3
IBCT, 25 infantry division FOB PALIWODA APO AE 09391 (CPT, AR TF-3-4CAV S9) approximately 100000 $.
 I worked contractor with ACDI/VOCA (USAID)/IRAQ COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM. Represented by Mr. HUGH BROWN with some construction projects and establish domestic appliance retail shop for family of decreased with approximately 240000$.
 I worked with Turkish company COSMO to install sandwich panel caravan school in Iraq Mr. UGUR BOZEL E-mail address ugur.bozel@usacosmo.com .
 I worked with ALSAL Construction as superintendent / 2712 Satsuma Dr. Suite 100 Dallas Texas
75229, cell phone 972-488-2874

Educational Details

I am currently graduate student at college of engineering ,department of aerospace and mechanical in UTA.
1- I am member of the Federation of Arab engineers. (www.arabfedeng.com) with membership No. 9/981.2- I am member of Iraqi engineers union with association NO. 110029.3-I am member of the American society of mechanical engineer.(ASME)NO100760941.4-I am member of Texas board of professional engineers with NO 51232.

Year of Birth

1980, male

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Arlington, Texas

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3710 Lindsey Ct