P.E. License, 20 Years Experience, BS ChE, 3.5 GPA. Development and Review of PFDs, P&IDs and Equipment Specifications. Technical Writing Including Operating Procedures and Operations Progress Reports. Pumps, Piping, Hydraulics Calculations. HTRI Heat Exchanger Design. Overpressure Scenario Identification and Associated, Effective, Pressure Relief System Design. Dow Picloram Process Rehabilitation. Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant Design. Herbicide Process Development, Design, and Troubleshooting. LNG, Organic and Specialty Chemicals, Laundry Detergents, Pigments, Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals.

Seeking a Contract or Permanent Position in Process Design, Plant Commissioning, Plant Start-Up, Technical Sales Support, Detailed Process Design Method Development, or Plant Engineering.

Alcoholics Anonymous | Allentown, PA
Aide | 2012 Present
* Counsel, encourage, tutor, transport and conduct meetings for recovering alcoholics.

Hargrove Engineers and Constructors, Inc. | Mobile, AL
Senior Chemical Process Engineer | 2012, 3 Months
* Sized 50 PSVs over a weekend to relieve a schedule crunch with the Instrumentation Group.
* Checked pressure relief work of less-experienced process engineers.
* Sized piping and carried out pump engineering tasks.
* Taught jacketed vessel heat transfer design course.

The Dow Chemical Company | Charleston, WV
Contract Process Engineer | 2011, 3 months
* Completed preliminary design for a polyethylene plant in China.

Temporary jobs while seeking career employment | 2009-2011
Full-time community service, tutored students, cleaned houses and garages, mowed lawns, and read engineering books.

The Dow Chemical Company | Houston, TX
Contract Process Engineer | 2008, 6 months
* Reviewed and updated Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to ensure compliance with Dow Standards and Generally Accepted Engineering Practices.
* Designed batch reactors for a major process upgrade project. Sized and positioned nozzles, vent systems, pumps, and piping. Checked and edited drawings. Recommended materials of construction.
* Designed shell and tube heat exchangers based on HTRI calculations in accordance with TEMA standards.
* Sized and specified pressure vessels and low pressure FRP tanks. Prepared equipment sketches in Excel. Designed vessel overfill protection in accordance with API RP 2350.
* Consulted for pressure relief engineering projects.

Foster-Wheeler USA Corporation | Houston, TX
Contract Process Engineer | 2007-2008, 6 months
* Completed preliminary utilities and catalyst/chemicals calculations for proposed petroleum refineries.
* Reviewed Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).
* Analyzed and verified pressure relief system calculations.

Celerity3 Engineering, Inc. | Houston, TX
Senior Process Engineer | 2006 - 2007
* Analyzed processes and identified potential overpressure relief scenarios. Calculated scenario relief flow rates. Drafted engineering design specifications for pressure relief devices. Sized relief device inlet and outlet piping in compliance with codes and standards. Made contributions to design of effluent handling systems.
* Reviewed relief system design packages and prepared them for client submittal.
* Trained and mentored engineers regarding document preparation and technical writing.
* Wrote and monitored refinery process safety instructions and practices.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission | Harrisburg, PA
Industrial Engineer | 2003 - 2006
* Conducted engineering performance audits of public utility companies.
* Wrote management of change reports describing findings and then recommended changes in practice.

Cook McCarthy & Sons | Harrisburg, PA
Manager, Wholesale Produce Division | 1995 - 2003

Union Carbide, DuPont, Ciba-Geigy, Fluor-Daniel, UOP, Ethyl, Tennessee Eastman | Continental USA
Contract Process Engineer | 1985 - 1995
* Re-designed vaporizer to eliminate forced shutdowns and increase capacity by 20%.
* Designed dust control system for 30,000 lbs/hour spray- dried laundry detergents plant.
* Prepared P&IDs and engineering equipment specifications for a pigments synthesis and extraction process. The equipment included a ball mill, chemical reactor, control valves, filtration units, heat exchangers, pressure relief devices and storage tanks.
* Wrote operating procedures and plant operations status reports.
* Reviewed PFDs, P&IDs and engineering calculations.
* Designed piping, control valves, and storage facilities.
* Analyzed processes and then designed equipment for pressure relief systems.

Air Products | Continental USA, Indonesia and Algeria
Process Engineer | 1978 1982
* Worked on-site in the commissioning and start-up of base-load LNG plants in Indonesia and Algeria.
* Designed cryogenic air separation plants for producing oxygen, nitrogen and argon.
* Wrote plant operating procedures, operations progress reports and equipment design standards.

Rohm and Haas Company | Philadelphia, PA
Process Engineer | 1975 - 1977
* Provided process engineering technical service for this organic chemicals plant, including preparation of operating procedures and troubleshooting progress reports.
* Modified operating parameters for a multi-reactor herbicide process to increase yield by 25 % and reduce energy costs by 20%.


* Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.5) | Lehigh University
* Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling Training | Aspen Company
* Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Course | ASME
* Pressure Relief System Design and Analysis, Instructor: Aubry Shackelford, API Standard 520 Author

Gregory J. McCarthy, P.E.

Key Skills

Chemical Process Engineering; Preparation and Review of PFDs, P&IDs and Equipment Specifications; Technical Writing, including Operating Instructions; Hydraulics-Pipe Sizing and Pump Design; Pressure Relief Engineering; Calculations; Mentoring; and Heat Transfer

Educational Details

B. S. Chemical Engineering 3.5 GPA Lehigh University
P. E. License
ASME Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Course
Two Courses in Pressure Relief Device and Piping Design- One ASME, the Other from Aubry Shackelford, API 520 Author

Acceptable Locations


Desired Salary


Total Experience

20 years

Year of Birth

1953, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Gregory J McCarthy

Phone Number


City & State

Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Zip Code


Street Address

116 East Elm Street