Vista Projects is a multi-discipline engineering and system integration firm that simplifies the digital transformation of industrial assets for clients. A leader in data-centric, single-source-of-truth project execution architecture, Vista is known for engineering some of the most cost-effective processing facilities in North America.

Its focus on delivering high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs has helped to earn the company's reputation as a trusted leader in facilities engineering. Clients turn to Vista to solve their most complex engineering challenges. Vista's data-centric approach to industrial engineering leads to greater transparency and collaboration with clients.

By working together with client teams under a truth-based execution model, all stakeholders share on-demand access to real-time information about the project. This leads to everyone making more informed decisions and spending more time on higher-value tasks, which helps to lower an asset's total installation cost (TIC) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vista’s experience and capabilities apply across a wide range of markets, including biofuels, cogeneration, oil and gas, midstream infrastructure, mineral processing, pads and pipelines, petrochemicals, produced water treatment, and refining.

Vista's consulting services include engineering design system integrations, digital project management, cost reduction/value engineering, forensic engineering and expert witness services, modularization optimization, third-party estimate reviews, and 3D model renderings.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Multi-discipline engineering services
  • Value engineering consulting
  • System integration
  • Forensic engineering & expert witness services
  • Modularization consulting
  • 3rd party procurement
  • Digital transformation consulting

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • Great Place to Work
  • ISNetworld
  • COR
  • PIC

Serviced Areas

  • United States, Canada

Contact Details

  Person Tyler Elchuk
  City Houston, TX
  Zip Code 77094
  Address 15915 Katy Fwy, #645
  Phone Number (346) 867-8544

Business Representative

Tyler Elchuk

Business Development Director

Tyler Elchuk is Vista’s Business Development Director and a member of both Vista’s Board of Directors and Senior Management Team. He is responsible for managing relationships with new and existing engineering services clients.

Additionally, Tyler is part of a team responsible for executing strategic engineering consulting projects. He holds a degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Regina and an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary.

Contact Tyler today to discuss engineering services and system integration consulting.

Products & Services

Cost-Effective Integrated Engineering Services

At Vista Projects, we offer integrated engineering services that include specialized consulting and cost-effective project solutions, ensuring that you’ll meet the long-term financial and operational objectives of your energy processing facility or other assets.

Our in-house project services include:

● Drafting and design
● Project controls
● Procurement
● Document control
● Quality assurance

Our specialized consulting solutions include fit-for-purpose value engineering and modularization optimization to reduce project costs. Other consulting services we offer include:

● Forensic engineering
● Expert witness testimony
● Third-party estimate reviews

When it comes to asset and project management, we implement truth-based industrial engineering through digital project execution. By structuring all data in a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) environment, you and all other project stakeholders gain access to verifiable, accurate, and on-demand information on your asset in real-time.

Multi-Discipline Engineering Services
At Vista Projects, we formulate unique design solutions for your project through collaboration with drafting, design, and project support teams. Our engineers can also formulate a multi-disciplinary offering to meet your unique engineering design needs, with disciplines that include:

● Civil structural engineering
● Instrumentation and controls engineering
● Electrical engineering
● Mechanical engineering
● Piping engineering
● Process engineering

To learn how our fit-for-purpose engineering solutions can reduce your project costs, schedule a consultation with our professional engineering consultants.

About Vista Projects
At Vista Projects, we believe in providing clients with a flexible and customized process engineering solution to meet their specific demands and objectives.

Trust, relationship building, and collaboration are at the foundation of our offerings. By developing a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can build and integrate engineering services using your existing or preferred software and infrastructure.

Our integrated engineering services streamline your processes and reduce project costs. We also provide you with a single and accurate truth source, allowing for informed and timely decision making.

You can also learn more about our System Integration consulting services: https://www. vistaprojects. com/systems-integration/


Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas:

In the oil & gas sector, the situation has gone from thinking about investing more in digital transformation to potentially not surviving if you dont.

A recent survey conducted by EY found the urgency of digital technology investments is increasing. This could include everything from machine learning and AI to cloud computing and digital twins.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing energy companies to adapt their business models and the wave of digital transformation in oil & gas likely hasnt even crested yet.

From digitizing brownfield assets to helping new technologies get to market faster, this is the time to be investing in the efficiencies of digital execution.

But it is also a time when most companies cant afford to implement a system that doesnt get used to its full potential.

Maximizing the return on these digital transformation investments requires oil and gas companies to nurture the skills required to get the most out of the technology.

What Does Quality Mean to Vista, the Integrated Engineering Consulting Firm?

What does quality mean to Vista Projects, an integrated industrial engineering firm?

In this video, key members of the Vista team discuss the engineering consulting company's longstanding approach to quality and how it has evolved over the years.

It's not just about having a Quality Management System or performing well on ISO audits.

Intro to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) From Feedstock to Saleable Product with Shane Torwalt, P.Eng.

In this presentation, Shane Torwalt Engineering Director with Vista Projects, an integrated engineering consulting firm provides an introduction to renewable natural gas (RNG).

This presentation covers:
- Different feedstocks that can be used to produce RNG
- Which technologies can be used to produce an RNG product
- How RNG products can be sold into the natural gas market

The Importance of Trust in Building a Culture of Innovation with Your Teams and Clients

Innovation requires trial and error. This is true for any organization, but especially within an industrial engineering firm where team collaboration is critical to delivering a successful project.

In this interview, Engineering Manager Jennifer Gray talks about the need to have a safe environment for your team.

Jennifer recounts stories from her long career at Vista Projects, an industrial engineering firm, to highlight how feeling safe within a team can build trust and improve quality.

About her experience as a young engineer working with Vista's Founder, Alex Campbell, Jennifer says, "I was allowed to innovate. I was allowed to do what needed to be done..."

Digital Transformation for Industrial Assets | Intro to Digitally Enabled & Data-Centric Engineering

Join Scott Mussbacher, System Integration Lead with Vista Projects, for this introduction to the benefits of a data-centric approach to project execution.

Topics covered in this video:
- traditional EPCM project execution vs. a modern data-centric approach
- automating deliverables to save time and reduce cost
- physical and digital assets
- the components of a digital twin
- results from previous projects
- benefits after the asset construction
- establishing a single source of truth with the technical data portal
- progress reporting and information flow
- the asset information management ecosystem

How to Mark-up a P&ID Drawing with Valve Symbols in Real-Time [Remote Collaboration Demo]

In this remote engineering collaboration demo, Scott Mussbacher, EDS project Manager with Vista Projects, shows how to mark-up a P&ID drawing with valve symbols in real-time.

This video highlights how easy it is to redline a P&ID stick file in Bluebeam Revu. The main advantages include:
real-time, simultaneous access to the file
automated mark-up and comment tracking logs
professional, clean mark-ups for ease of use
accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

Collaborating remotely on engineering files is a core function of Vista's Truth-Based Industrial Engineering. Our digital execution model houses all project and asset information in an authoritative, single source of truth environment.

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