Jeff Moler, CEO of Viking AT, Sarasota, Florida has put together an extreme team of result driven professionals that can help you push ahead of the competition practically and successfully reaching full potential of manufacturability and production. Piezo valves and actuators are what we specialize in and can help you enjoy the huge benefits of piezo technology.

Viking's ViVa Technology is redefining the limits of actuation and control. From the Microvalve, which we believe to be the smallest proportional valve in the world, to the 3mm actuator, or the 12mm powerhouse, all providing 94% less power consumption than solenoids and offer more force and displacement with exceptional control.

If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable solution to your next design, contact our office at 941-924-0900. We also specialize in R&D piezo development and will custom design an actuator that fits your application specifically.

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  • Piezo Actuators and Piezo Valves

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  • Over 30 years experience and 46 Patents Worldwide in Piezo Technology

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  Person Jeff Moler
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Business Representative

Jeff Moler

CEO and President

Previously, Jeff Moler founded and served for 8 years as CEO of Viking Technologies of Sarasota, an R&D organization authoring 30 patents involving piezo-based technology. He raised over $7 million in investor funding and built a highly effective team.

Earlier, Jeff Moler founded Protek Electronics of Sarasota and served as CEO for 12 years. There he implemented a MIL-Q-9858 quality system and provided electronic design and production services for the military and aerospace industries. He successfully expanded the company and its offerings to include full service design and production of electronic and electromechanical assemblies. He guided Protek to become a $10 million multinational organization that garnered multiple awards from its customers.

Products & Services

ViVa 3mm Amplified Piezo Actuator

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ViVa 3mm Amplified Piezo Actuator

Amplified piezo actuator, perfect for piezo Valves, Grippers, Door Locks, Linear Actuators and Replacement of solenoids.

The ViVa 3mm piezo actuator is purpose built to replace many solenoid applications. With mechanical displacement up to. 039 and blocking force up to 1. 1lbs this device offers an economical and vastly superior solution to the solenoid.

Solenoid technology is more than one hundred years old and still exhibits many undesirable characteristics such as; high power consumption, high heat generation, non-linear functionality and slow response time.

The ViVa 3mm piezo actuator is a Solid State Electromechanical device which consumes 98% less power than a solenoid in an equivalent application. During static or holding mode operation the ViVa consumes 200x less power than a solenoid. Due to such low current draw the ViVa piezo technology produces little to no heat. In addition the ViVa piezo actuator provides ultra-quick, highly accurate and proportional control.

Some benefits include;
Low magnetic signature
Extreme life cycles
Multi configurable
Integrate-able positional feedback
Integrate-able force & pressure sensing

Viking AT Micro Valve

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Viking AT Micro Valve

Possibly the smallest proportional valve in the world.

Highlights of this ViVa powerful piezo actuator driven Micro Valve:

- Powerful stroke and force
- Built for mass production
- Very low cost
- Very low power consumption
- Can extend to many different applications and markets

Hermetically Sealed Piezo Actuator

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Hermetically Sealed Piezo Actuator

Key Benefits:

- Single to multiple stack options
- Maximize the amount of work from stack
- No side loading
- Hermetically sealed
- Protection from humidity
- Pre-load to maximize work and ensure survivability of stack.

As these actuators are sealed from the environment they last longer and are more reliable than standard piezo actuators. This makes the SIAC solution a perfect fit for applications requiring high precision and reliability within a potentially harsh environment.

Viking AT offers 2 standard models that are typical for most mass flow control units and can also custom design a sealed piezo stack for your own specific application.

From Our Website

Low power consumption and operating costs make the piezo valve perfect for mass production. The piezo valve is used in a multitude of commercial applications and industries due to the low power consumption, precision, and safety qualities that the piezo valve provides. Benefits of using the piezo valve include use in explosive environments and niche markets with high-cost/low-volume manufacturing. The piezo valve is used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications. Automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, and food processing are just a few of the industries where the piezo valve is utilized.

Piezo valves and actuators are what we specialize in and can help you enjoy the huge benefits of piezo technology. Viking AT's team developed the first piezoelectric valve and associated controls more than two decades ago for underwater military use. This #piezo #valve is still used by various major military organizations. Since then many applications have been successfully addressed in a wide variety of applications ranging from military to industrial to consumer devices. With over 30 patents and 13 more pending, Viking AT can assist your organization in creating and implementing actuation technologies for valves, locks, switches, relays, pumps, compressors and many others.