Our experience is in core engineering, that is problem solving. While we enjoy the use of software tools and simulation, our focus is on solving the problem and providing insight to achieve the result. We deliver these results through the Design for Six Sigma methodology, DFSS. DFSS is nothing more than preparing a product to function as built and in a real environment. Combining DFSS with more traditional dimensional engineering helps provide cost reduction and cost avoidance to our customers.

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  Person TSR Optima
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Products & Services

Tolerance Analysis And Optimization

Through the use of best in class tolerance tools, we provide insight into how well you can expect your product to perform relative to your quality goals. The information we provide will help your team make design decisions upfront and also will help communicate critical to quality characteristics to other areas of your organization or supply base.

Inspection Services

We can help tie upfront tolerance and dimensional engineering to the inspection. We provide measurement plans and can even perform the inspection for you. With our partners we can also train your team in ongoing inspection.