Soil Technologies, Inc (STI) provides its customers with a straight forward and common sense approach to engineering. Whether it's for design and construction of a new project or for forensic study of an existing project, we concentrate on what makes sense for our clients.

STI believes in providing the highest quality services to our clients. To accomplish this, STI teams with firms that have special skills, experience, and equipment that best suit the project needs.

STI's teams with other firms to provide pressuremeter testing, cone penetration testing, dynamic pile testing, vibration monitoring, geopier analysis, settlement of deep fill sections analysis, geogrid analysis, all-terrain drilling, rock coring, geoprobe sampling, and chemical testing... to name a few.

Determining the cause of a distressed structure can be challenging. It takes a clear unbiased mindset to reach the correct conclusions relative to the causes of the distress and the potential remedies. STI's experience of forensics and their commitment to provide trustworthy and dependable service can mean the difference between compensation or disappointment.

We provide geotechnical and forensic services for projects at distances of several hundred miles from our home office in Sioux Falls, SD. By teaming with experienced drilling and testing companies who are located near each project site, quality services are provided at competitive rates. Site visits to distant projects are easily accomplished via our own aircraft.

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