SEEDS is an engineering company located in the heart of the Midwest in Indianapolis, Indiana. Engineering tends to be one of the smallest parts of many companies including manufacturing companies (especially small companies). Ironically, engineering can have the greatest impact on profit. This is why SEEDS was formed.

SEEDS is structured as an open concept company. It acts as a brain trust that supports the formation and development of new companies either directly or through partnerships. Partnering with SEEDS can give full engineering design capabilities to even the smallest companies. For larger companies, SEEDS offers engineering support and consulting that may be difficult to come by in-house.

Serviced Areas

  • Midwest United States

Contact Details

  Person SEEDS
  City Indianapolis, IN
  Zip Code 46227
  Address 614 Phaeton Place
  Phone Number (877) 628-8278
  Tollfree (877)628-8278