Temperature String T-Chain Produces detailed data that can be used to determine water column temperature stratification, oxygen concentration and depth. Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Addition Designed to connect to a Nortek Velocimeter to study turbulent mixing and vertical transport near the sediment in a body of water.

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Founded 30 years ago, PME partners with the world's preeminent limnology and oceanography research institutions to solve the world's most challenging problems. We innovate exceptionally accurate, long-lasting and uniquely designed freshwater and oceanographic research devices for organizations all over the world to help solve some of the Earth's most complex water measurement challenges. OceanCube Observatories are using PME's T-Chain sensors located on the sea floor off the coast of Japan. PME's T-Chain allows for high resolution observation of temperature and PAr within the OceanCube Observatories.

PME was founded in research institutions 30 years ago and we continue to partner with them today, developing new technologies in R&D settings to support public and commercial research organizations. Our mission is to provide research institutions with affordable instruments and software that accurately and reliably measure, collect and analyze water properties for both fresh and saltwater research. We are fueled by a determination for excellence in our products and service, and a curiosity about new technology, science, and the world around us.