We provide onsite training and consulting, engineering services, online training, business performane analysis, and many other services that aid businesses in “seeing” their current state so that they can draw up the map to make their way to a desired future state.

We’re there to get you there every step of the way! Keeping the drive alive… That’s why we created this company. We sincerely desire to be in a position to help other businesses to grow and overcome adversity. We, in turn, look to do the same by learning from others.

Please don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch. Share your thoughts, experience, expertise in our blog page others to share! Leave comments, ask questions, request a free consultation, etc… We truly love helping others and hopefully it shows!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Forensics and Engineering
  • Business Process Improvement

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  Person Performance Analysis
  City Covington, LA
  Zip Code 70433
  Address 203 Turnberry Drive
  Phone Number (985) 276-4440

Products & Services


Performance Analysis Engineering Division routinely handles many different engineering challenges for its clients:
• HVAC system design,
• Control System Development,
• Product Deign and Development,
• Product and Equipment Testing


Performance Analysis Forensic Division performs forensic investigations for clients of all kinds.

• Accident Reconstruction
• Product Failure Analysis
• Equipment and System Failure Investigation

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At Performance Analysis we establish business-personal relationships with our clientele. Often the needs calling for professional engineer can be quite impersonal, this most times will lead to miscommunication and less than optimal results. Working with us is as familiar as working with a colleague in the field. These type of relationships are constructive to not only everyone involved, but also manifest themselves in the delivered results. When time is of the essence and deadlines approach, let Performance Analysis be your go-to engineering firm.

We perform forensic investigations for clients of all kinds; including legal, insurance, industrial, and others. When an accident, equipment failure, construction defect, natural disaster, or other event occurs that causes property damage, or personal injury, our professionals get to the root cause quickly and efficiently. Our experience, professional courtesy, unbiased opinions, quick-turn-around are what set us above the competition.