Myers Engineering, Consulting Engineers. is the premier, full-service, municipal engineering company in Oklahoma. After more than 70 years of business, we're respected by the cities, counties, and districts of the state. We supply to our valuable customer base, present and future, professional deliverables and services, utilizing the latest standards in the practice of engineering and surveying.

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  City Oklahoma City, OK
  Zip Code 73134
  Address 13911 Quail Pointe Driv
  Phone Number (405) 755-5325

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Myers Engineering, Consulting Engineers, Inc. projects encompass a wide range of civil engineering services including transportation systems, roadways, highways, traffic control systems, water supply, distribution, and transmission, wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste and landfills, airport systems and paving, and recreational facilities. We also have extensive experience in projects involving FEMA map revisions and flood studies, industrial wastewater, storage tanks, solid waste disposal facilities, infrastructure assessment, environmental assessment, and groundwater investigation.

Nothing provides a community with more pride and tangible well-being than excellent recreation facilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmental activities. This law has provided extreme relief to persons across Oklahoma dealing with disabilities. This design unit is very dear to our heart as a company. No person bound to a wheel chair or other device should be required or compelled to travel in the vehicle traffic lane in order to get to health care or primary shopping.

Over the course of the last 30 years, Myers has designed over 15 Industrial and Commercial Parks for municipal clients. These land units are unique in nature when compared to a traditional development. The character of the park is a function of the local governmental structure and the region of the state. Myers will find the best geometric and infrastructure fit for your property. We also are very effective in assisting in dealing with the park end user needs.

There is nothing more frustrating to a homeowner, business or industry than experiencing low water pressure and intermittent service. This frustration is also felt by fire departments in dealing with the water supply component of an ISO Rating or the actual fighting of a fire. We have designed water distribution systems for over 100 communities and 65 rural water districts in Oklahoma. We completed the design of distribution systems from scratch and the replacement of entire systems. Our firm was one of the first design groups in Oklahoma to utilize PVC pipe for water main construction.

When you engage Myers as your consulting engineer, you are working with the best. Your interests are our interests. We have invested over 80 years into communities and rural water districts throughout the State of Oklahoma. When selecting Myers, you gain a partner in your future. We look at the long picture - not just the current situation. We believe that communities and rural water districts are like families. Families have different types of personalities and various types of needs. We have the experience, the expertise and the commitment to find the answers you are looking for.

There are currently 37 active municipal landfills in Oklahoma - 18 of which are municipality owned. Myers Engineering has designed 22% (4) of the municipality-owned landfills in Oklahoma. This legacy is an important factor when selecting your engineering consultant for your landfill. Myers has the experience, the expertise and the overall system coordination to process your landfill application and subsequent construction in the best manner possible. Solid waste transfer stations are vital to a community's solid waste handling protocol.

Air transportation is an obvious critical component to our nations' economic progression and system continuance. Myers began the design of airport facilities in the mid 1960's with the onset of the FAA AIP program forerunner. We have been involved with design of over 20 airport runway, taxiway and apron construction projects throughout Oklahoma. The funding scenario for airport construction is constantly under the FAA and OAC umbrella with matching local funds. This formula varies over time in accordance with federal and state funding emphasis.