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Industrial Design

A typical products Industrial Design phase will consist of the following steps:

Define the Products Goals

First things first, this is your product so it makes sense to start with what you know and build from there. We get an understanding for what you're trying to accomplish with your product, how you see it working and being used and what you know about the market and any competing products that may already exist. This is a highly interactive process where we sit down and brainstorm together. Listening to each other, thinking off the cuff, playing devil's advocate and countless whiteboard sketches are usually key to a proper definition. We'll present our own research on the market, creative ideas and look for as many cost effective ways as possible to make your product the clearly superior solution to whatever options may already exist in the market place. By the time this step is complete we will have defined what your product will do, how it will work, and what features you want included, as well as identify any potentially patentable elements.

Lay Out the Products Design

Once the products parameters are defined we transition into Defining the Design. Whats it look like? How does it feel? We'll put ourselves in the place of the consumer or end user and explore all of our options regarding style, ergonomics, possible manufacturing pathways and ease of assembly. If your company already offers products we'll work to propose designs that compliment your company style, or, if your product line is in need of a make over or if this is your first product, we'll give it a fresh look guaranteed to resonate with your desired demographic. Based on your input we'll supply multiple design pathways and concepts in the form of Detailed Sketches, 3-D CAD Models and when appropriate Physical Design Models. See the bottom of this page for examples.

Refine the Products Goals and Design

We'll respond to your feedback and make revisions until your satisfied, presenting you with a clearly defined product design ready to be transitioned to engineering. We'll make sure you're happy with the shape, proposed function, and artwork design. You will be made aware of the intended manufacturing pathways and expectations will be set with regards to any set up charges that are likely to come with a proposed manufacturing approach. At this point the Industrial Design phase is typically complete and we're ready to be break your product down into detailed manufacturable components via the Mechanical Engineering phase.

Mechanical Engineering

Solidworks and Pro Engineering 3D models, AutoCad, Detailed dimensioned drawings, BOM development, PDM vault document control.

Product Design

At Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, the thing we love most is working with innovative companies and individuals to develop new products. By helping to bring to the world countless products, our associates have become incredibly knowledgeable about industries, diverse markets, and cutting edge technologies we would have never been exposed to otherwise. While we may not be experts in electrophoresis systems, hollow fiber bio-reactors, or retail garden centers when we start a project, by the time we launch one we can more then hold our own. More importantly, we pick up new tools, resources and design solutions that can be put to use developing the next, completely unrelated product.

Contract Manufacturing

Molding: Thermoforming, RIM, injection molding, cast urethanes, EPP, rotational and blow molding, bending, plastic extrusion, metal extrusion, cast aluminum.

Machining: Precision machining, 5 axis, laser cutting, water jet, routing, die cutting.

Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal fabrication, bending, punching, machining, welding.

PCB Manufacturing: Board manufacturing, custom routing and multi layer board population and assembly.

Painting and Finishing: Powder coating, painting, screening printing, specialty coatings and finishes, metallizing.

Packaging:Box and insert design, custom skid and container manufacturing, artwork and labeling.

Integrated Assembly: Full systems integration, technical assembly, subassemblies, testing, repair coordination and warranty tracking services.

Inventory and Logistics: Inventory management, kiting and drop shipments to customer specified destinations.

Project Management: Time and events responsibility, production and vendor coordination, job planning and process improvement.

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