We are a privately owned expert oil Engineering firm with over 30 years of expertise. We have offices in Longview TX and Houston TX with projects across the USA. Guice is a highly sought after Engineering team of highly talented engineers, technicians and drafters. API Category III & IV Inspections and Certifications, Derrick and Mast Reengineering, Substructure Design, Redesign and Upgrading, Professional Consulting Services, Custom Engineering Projects, On-site Emergency Troubleshooting.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Of drilling contractors and oil firms since 1982.
  • We are an Engineering and Safety technology firm.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • IADC

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  Person Walter Lee Guice
  City Kilgore, TX
  Zip Code 75662
  Address 2105 E. Highway 31
  Phone Number (903) 985-8160

Business Representative

Walter Lee Guice

Owner/ President/ Engineer

Guice Engineering was created by Dr. W. Lee Guice, PE, out of his passion for pairing Great Engineering with Common Sense. His incredible communication skills, high integrity and commitment to project success have grown the company to what it is today. Guice is a highly sought after Engineering team of highly talented engineers, technicians and drafters and with unparalleled expertise and service born from this leadership.

Products & Services

Guice Fall Protection Arm

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Guice Fall Protection Arm

Guice Fall Protection Arms come in 4 ft or 5 ft sizes.
Supports an OSHA mandated 5, 000 lb load.
Can be shipped anywhere in the US.
Your team can custom mount the arm to best meet your needs (typically mounted on the crown beneath the platform) , readily adapts to various derricks.
Sealed mount stops for desired position to keep load point centered above monkey board.

Guice Razor Ramp (Work-over Ramp)

Guice Razor Ramp (Work-over Ramp)

Guice Razor Ramp allows a 98 104 drilling rig to work on deeper holes with higher well-head or BOP stacks.
Minimizes the approach area, maneuvering area, and amount of equipment required on well site.
Designed and built in the USA by American labor and from USA manufactured steel.
Net lifting load on the hydraulics 3000 PSI rating.
Includes a folding work/ access platform along the operator's side of the entire ramp.
Operating rated pressure at 1500-1700; dependent on rig.
Net lifting load/capacity rated 130k.
Custom features can be added based on preferences.

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