DME specializes in facility design and process engineering for advanced technology sectors. The firm offers lab & manufacturing facility design services supporting operations in R&D, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, personal care, food, beverage, semiconductor, and fine chemical industries. Team experience and expertise is an excellent fit to expansion and renovation projects requiring integration with existing building systems, minimal impact on concurrent operations, and an in-depth understanding of critical process systems & utilities.

DME has comprehensive project capabilities to manage and execute strategic planning, feasibility studies, conceptual design, preliminary engineering, detailed design, construction administration, commissioning and qualification. Company design expertise includes building systems, HVAC/cleanrooms, process utilities, bulk fluid & powder processing, hygienic manufacturing, PHA, process simulation, and regulatory compliance. DME is ...where process science meets engineering excellence..

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  • Facility & Process Design: research & manufacturing

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  Person David M. Marks, P.E.
  City Allentown, PA
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  Address 7540 Windsor Drive, Suite 311
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David M. Marks, P.E.


Products & Services

DME Alliance provides engineering services, facility programming, layout & utilities design for research & development facilities, laboratories and pilot plants.

DME Alliance process engineering capabilities include bulk fluid & powder processing, hygienic process operations, GMP process systems, CIP/SIP, process simulation, plant design & optimization. DME Alliance's process technology expertise is applicable to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, personal care, fine chemical, food & beverage operations.

DME Alliance Engineering Consultants specialize in the design of process facilities for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, personal care, semiconductor, specialty chemical, food and beverage industries. Company capabilities are a particularly good fit to expansions and renovation projects. Complementary expertise in process engineering and regulatory compliance provides a unique combination of capabilities that is an ideal fit to advanced technology facilities.

DME Alliance has experience in cleanroom design for a variety of industries ranging from life sciences to semiconductors. Company engineering expertise includes clean room HVAC, process utilities, and clean process systems.

DME Alliance provides engineering services for the design and maintenance of critical process utilities including plant steam, clean steam, chilled water, glycol systems, temperature control systems, WFI, purified water, CIP/SIP systems, compressed air, specialty gasses, vacuum systems, waste neutralization and biowaste kill systems.

DME Alliance provides process simulation services to facilitate plant design, optimization, throughput analysis, risk assessment, lean manufacturing and debottlenecking.

From Our Website

Whether you are producing a high value biologic or an industrial commodity product, O'Neal offers an in-depth understanding of bioprocess technology and clean utilities-all backed by our strong in-house bioprocess design capabilities. O'Neal's specialized expertise in engineering, process science, and regulatory compliance are perfectly aligned with our clients' needs to deliver solutions for operations that manufacture parenteral, solid dosage, bulk chemical, and potent compound products. O'Neal's engineering specialties are an excellent fit to the unique requirements of GMP manufacturing facilities for all medical device classifications.

O'Neal is looking ahead to our 5th Annual Facility Focus program at INTERPHEX 2020. From its beginning, Facility Focus was designed to create a dialog within the industry regarding how we are going to meet the new challenges for practical facility designs. Emerging technologies for cell and gene therapy are transforming the future of medicine and driving a rapid expansion of cGMP facilities for cell processing and vector production. The manufacturing processes employed for autologous and allogenic therapies are diverse and have a significant impact on the facility program.

Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) has emerged as a preferred choice of project delivery for many industrial manufacturing, process chemical, pharmaceutical and advanced facilities projects. Under this model, O'Neal handles design, procures all equipment and construction materials and manages construction services for complete delivery of the project. The EPC project delivery process is integral to how we do business. For O'Neal's clients, the EPC process reduces project risk, delivers predictable results, and maximizes the effectiveness of capital funding.

Your project outcome will only be as good as the planning and conceptual engineering effort that defined and inspired it. O'Neal has the credentials and capabilities to deliver on your vision. Develop your vision. Conceptual design for projects in new and legacy facilities requires careful planning and realistic feasibility assessment, as well as an understanding of the owner's vision to satisfy near-term requirements and provide the flexibility to adapt to long-term needs. Combining O'Neal's insight and experience with facility design, process science and regulatory compliance, we are in an excellent position to advise our clients when making informed decisions that will affect the future of their business.

During the planning phase, O'Neal's expertise and experience can prove valuable in site selection. O'Neal has completed capital projects across North America. We regularly assist clients and site selection firms in finding the best geographic location for their needs. O'Neal can perform full site analysis and evaluation to help clients and site selection firms make a complex decision more manageable.

Behind every great product, there's a well-designed process. In fact, process technology is a common denominator in many of O'Neal's projects, most of which have rigorous requirements for high purity processing, containment, hygienic design, contamination control, product quality assurance and/or regulatory compliance. Process is paramount. O'Neal enjoys a reputation for strong chemical engineering capabilities, process technology expertise, and applied process design services. We have the ability to deliver conceptual design and front-end engineering, as well as detailed design of process equipment, piping systems, and plant utilities.

Wherever and whenever you need engineering expertise in process, utilities, and building systems, O'Neal stands ready to support you throughout the entire facility life cycle. We're here when you need us. O'Neal is an excellent partner for as-needed troubleshooting and pragmatic technical solutions. Our responsive approach reflects a business philosophy that values long-term client relationships and seeks to earn future project opportunities through reliable day-to-day support. Make O'Neal your partner for continuous improvement.

O'Neal's Procurement Team offers purchasing, tracking, and expediting services associated with project execution and construction. Our procurement services can augment the client's in-house staff and procedures, or we can work strictly as an arm of the client's project management team. Whatever direction is chosen, O'Neal's equipment procurement team has routinely performed work both ways and has all the necessary insurance and licenses in place.