Professional, coordinated service located on diverse and extensive knowledge and directed by the company's principals, is the specialty of DFI. Each project is assigned to an expert staff that, in turn, supplies complete, individual attention to the assignment.

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Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) is looking to fill several positions within the company! Please visit "Employment Opportunities" at the top of the page for more information. To apply, please view our Job Application. Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering organization based in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. DFI offers project management and inspection, engineering and survey services to clients in Maryland, as well as the adjacent mid-Atlantic region.

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) was created in 1978 by Raymond E. Streib, a professional engineer (P.E.), after he received requests from a group of private developers in Anne Arundel, Maryland, looking for a civil engineering firm to help facilitate the permit process for their projects. From there the company grew to include top quality project management and inspection services, as well as survey services, to facilitate their development projects. With their office located in Anne Arundel, DFI quickly expanded to serving numerous counties and state agencies within Maryland.

DFI implements a methodical approach to the land planning and engineering process to develop high quality residential development projects. This is accomplished by taking a holistic approach of defining the client's goals, determining the site's physical properties, environmental features, defining all applicable governmental regulations and then developing a plan that incorporates all aspects while achieving the client's objective. DFI is actively involved throughout the entire process to secure the necessary regulatory approvals for successful development of the project.

DESIGN - Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided site development planning and engineering for a Mixed-Use Development comprising of 188,000 square feet of Residential, 45,000 square feet of Retail, and 29,000 square feet of Office use. The site is adjacent to an unnamed tributary to the Severn River. The project included a hydrologic analysis of the flood plain utilizing TR-55 and HEC-RAS. The on-site stormwater management utilized underground infiltration and an extended detention facility to address water quality and quantity stormwater management.

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided services to Anne Arundel County by supplying construction management and inspection for the removal of an 18" culvert and the replacement with a 59 L.F. 72" Class IV reinforced concrete pipe with a TYPE A Headwalls. The installation included all excavation and reconstruction of the roadway and enhancements, roadway paving, removal and replacement of an existing fire hydrant and protection of existing underground and overhead utilities. A major component of this project was the creation of an extensive step pool stormwater conveyance system consisting of four alignments of cascades and wiffle veirs.

DFI specializes in Infrastructure Design providing engineering services for both public and private sectors. Areas of expertise include analysis and design of sanitary sewer, water, storm drains, culvert analysis, roadways, stormwater management facilities and floodplain studies. DFI prides itself in providing sound designs utilizing the latest technology and practices to deliver a cost effective solution. DFI also provides analysis of existing infrastructure and provides recommendations for improvements to extend the life of facilities.

Currently, Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) is providing construction management and inspection (CM&I) services and material testing for Phase II of the Broadneck Peninsula Trail project, located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. DFI provided CM&I services, as well as material testing for Phase I of the project. In addition, the company monitored compliance of two 1,400-foot spurs, which connect the trail to the Broadneck Library and Walnut Road Drive, along Cape Street and Claire Road. The company also provided specialty inspections, which included traffic signalization, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant crosswalks, ramps and pavement markings, which met state highway administration requirements, as well as the installations of a storm drainage system to improve water quality.

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided construction management and inspection (CM&I) services for the additions and renovations to the Harmans Dorsey Fire Department in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. DFI's most significant contribution to the project was the early identification of asbestos material, which required remediation. The company coordinated with the county facilities maintenance for the removal and replacement of failed under-slab storm and sanitary sewer, which exceeded the pipe's life span.