Criterium-Dudka Engineers is a full service consulting engineering firm. Since 2017, we have provided our clients with the most complete building inspection services available throughout Massachusetts. We specialize in working with existing buildings offering services which include inspection, diagnostics, maintenance planning and problem solving.

Unlike other inspection and reserve study services, all Criterium inspections are conducted or reviewed by licensed Professional Engineers. As a result, Criterium can provide you with a level of accountability and professionalism that sets us apart in the inspection industry. All our inspections are conducted by experienced engineers with:

Technical Degrees
Rigorous Qualifications Exams
Professional Registration
Continuing Education Requirements
Peer Reviews
Our engineers have experience with residential, municipal, industrial and institutional projects. Our client list includes condominium associations, insurance companies, relocation companies, government agencies and property management companies.

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  City Hopkinton, MA
  Zip Code 01748
  Address 34 Hayden Rowe Street, Suite 166
  Phone Number (844) 885-0153

Products & Services

Criterium-Dudka Engineers Standard Home Inspection is a limited visual inspection consistent with the standards of practice of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) , designed to identify significant deficiencies and/or repairs needed in the major systems of a home (structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roof, exterior) and to provide a general understanding of the property's current condition.

Our structural inspection service offers an assessment and evaluation of the structural components of your home, including:

Probing with an awl
Measuring framing members
Limited excavation around the foundation

The determination of squareness, levelness, and plumbness can be included in such an evaluation. Soil investigation and invasive testing is generally not included unless otherwise recommended or designated in writing but is available should you request it. Other systems, such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or interior are also not evaluated as part of this evaluation, but may be discussed with your inspector.

Criterium-Dudka Engineers reports contain information about the building, including its various components and surrounding property, vital to investment and finance decision making.

Our reports comply with industry standards such as those of Standard and Poor and ASTM 2018. Customized or abbreviated reports and formats for special needs or very large and time sensitive assignments have also been developed.

Criterium-Dudka's Phase I Environmental Site Assessments help identify potential or existing environmental contamination or liabilities. Under the ASTM 1527-05 standard, the identification of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) is required as part of any complete assessment. Criterium-Dudka Engineers' Environmental Professionals offer practical recommendations as to how to mitigate any identified RECs and can also provide insight into what potential liability, if any, might be associated with a REC. .

Sometimes, the degree or even existence of contamination cannot be confirmed without a Phase II investigation. Criterium-Dudka Engineers can coordinate Phase II investigations, but does not perform them. We will not recommend unnecessary additional studies when the risk is deemed low.

Our engineers typically perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments concurrently with Property Condition Assessments since they are both important components of, and closely linked to, the real estate due diligence process.

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From Our Website

Criterium-Dudka Engineers understand the importance of your home, and our experience has prompted hundreds of home buyers and home owners to choose us. In our largely unregulated industry, too many states do not require a licensed, Professional Engineer to conduct residential structural or manufactured home inspections, to prepare inspection reports, or perform home diagnostic services. Criterium-Dudka Engineers uses our team of licensed, Professional Engineers to provide our services or review our final reports.

At Criterium-Dudka Engineers, we never forget that business owners own buildings too. Our insight into commercial real estate properties and transactions, environmental solutions, facility management, and capital planning helps our clients from coast to coast build equity, maximize profits, and protect the people who live and work in their properties. We aren't just Professional Engineers. We're successful entrepreneurs serving real estate investment trusts, corporate real estate owners and managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government enterprises throughout Massachusetts.