Valley Engineering - Surveying - Planning is an expert company delivering civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering as well as planning and surveying services. Our goal is to maintain ourselves as a supplier of quality work within our profession inspired by a sense of commitment, dedication, and client satisfaction.

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  City Harrisonburg, VA
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At Valley Engineering, we strive to design and deliver the very best product each and every day. We believe our commitment to quality and responsiveness is reflected in the number of repeat clients we serve each year. Our goal is to treat each project as if it were our own, promoting communication, accountability, and transparency between the design team and the stakeholder. Collectively, our engineers bring over 300 years of construction experience to the equation; an important component, because if you don't know how to build it, how can you design it?

No matter how nice a building may be, people prefer to be outside. By respecting each individual site and acknowledging its advantages and disadvantages, we make design decisions that create spaces that feel comfortable and natural, not contrived and artificial. This approach is the foundation of each project regardless of size and scope, resulting in spaces that are easy to maintain, functional, and valued by the end user. Collaboration between our landscape architects, civil engineers, and planners is crucial to the success of our projects.

There are many different methods you can use to heat and cool a building. Your question is: which method is best for you and your budget? Our engineers listen carefully to your needs and discuss options with you before beginning design work. We want you, as an owner, to have a clear understanding of the available systems and the type that will eventually be selected. We discuss energy consumption, desired comfort level, desired control type, amount of available space, life cycle, reliability, maintenance, and installation costs.

The surveying team at Valley Engineering provides accurate and quality surveying for all healthcare, residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our surveying division has over 150 years combined experience. We take pride in our prompt response to questions and requests for surveying services. Our reputation and level of accuracy is well respected throughout our profession. Many of our surveys are used as a basis for land development, not only for our own design department, but for others throughout the state.

At Valley Engineering, we understand that a project can only witness its full potential when both functionality and economic efficiency are held paramount in design. Our qualified civil engineering team works hard to ensure that the infrastructure surrounding and underneath each project is designed with these principles in mind. We work closely with you, our client, to define the project parameters and estimated schedule, outlining any potential roadblocks that may present themselves along the way.

At Valley Engineering, we understand electrical systems require careful coordination with the owner, architect, other design disciplines, and the local electric service provider. Our designs consider space lighting needs, lighting types, switch locations, receptacle locations, telephone and data needs, service size and type, emergency power, egress lighting, and site lighting. We also pay close attention to ceiling grid layout and the placement of lighting fixtures relative to sprinkler heads, diffusers, and other ceiling mounted devices.