We supply engineered solutions to a diverse clientele of businesses and professionals working in manufacturing, research, medicine, and consumer products.

We address your needs with both wide practical experience and creative innovation. It is our experience which allows us to solve a problem in your operation by applying the best of conventional engineering practices, or by using an unconventional solution learned from another engagement. And, in those cases where highly specialized expertise is required to solve your problem, we know who, and when, to bring in such resources cost-effectively.

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Products & Services

Product Design

Our client needed a pneumatic actuator which would retrofit to an existing pushbutton beverage dispensing valve. Our design clips securely to the valve; when pressurized, the elastomer diaphragm (black disc) deflects and extends the valve button. We prototyped this actuator using SLS components assembled with threaded fasteners; the production unit uses injection-molded components assembled with ultrasonic welding.

Machine Systems Design

In the design of amusement ride vehicles and track structures, passenger safety and long term structural durability is critical. CES can provide your project with design and stress analysis of critical structures. It is a relatively straightforward matter to design components to withstand known static loads. But the larger challenge is to properly design components against failure under long-term cyclic loading. Such "fatigue" failures can occur without warning, after years of service, and are often catastophic.