As a complete-service MEPR engineering company, we're capable of delivering an engineering solution for a huge array of facility kinds. Learn more about our Facilities Engineering services. Let us reduce your stress on your next project. Let us perform the day to day coordination efforts. Learn more about our Project Management services.

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Engineering projects are more than just calculations and technical information. When you have a complex project, you need a partner, someone who can provide the help with planning and development you need to make your project a success. And BD Engineering is just the firm to do that. We're a New Jersey-based multi-discipline engineering consulting firm focused on providing real world, economical, practical and buildable engineering solutions - on time and on budget. So whether you're a developer, an architect or part of a marketing team looking for facilities engineering or project management, BD Engineering can work with you to move your project along from start to finish.

With over 40 years of combined experience, BD Engineering offers a variety of engineering services geared towards creating economical, practical and buildable solutions for our clients. Managed by Brian Tannenhaus, P.E., and Ken Fry, P.E., we focus on electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and refrigeration engineering for all facility types in the private and public sectors, including corporate, academic, retail, healthcare, industrial, food processing, office, childcare and solar industries.

Surviving one of the worst recessions in U.S. history, we take pride not only in our 40 years of combined experience, but also our ability to work with clients as a partner. We treat your concerns and challenges as our own, whether you're a builder, developer, architect or project manager. And we're available every step of the way, from the initial concept to design and bidding, and all the way through the construction process. Facilities Engineering: As a full-service MEP engineering firm, we are capable of providing engineering solutions for a wide range of facility types.

The National Electrical Code and other life safety and building codes are constantly changing. Our staff has the experience and expertise you need to bring your next electrical project up to code. BD Engineering can handle everything from coordination with utility companies to managing the location of receptacles. Utilizing the latest design techniques and computer software, BD Engineering can create energy code compliant lighting schemes that meet your specific needs and design criteria. We work closely with owners, architects and interior designers to provide functional and decorative lighting systems.

One of the key distinctions of supermarket engineering is the requirement for storing and displaying refrigerated and frozen food products. Supermarket refrigeration systems and their sophisticated control systems present a difficult challenge to the uninitiated. The potential for product loss and the high energy demands associated with these systems call for an engineer with extensive experience not only in refrigeration system design, but in energy management systems as well. With over 20 years experience in the design and application of refrigeration systems and controls, you can trust BD Engineering to meet these challenges.

With energy costs rising ever upward, it is of utmost importance that an efficient and effective Energy Management System (EMS) be incorporated into your project. BD Engineering can specify and prepare designs for all of the major control manufacturers for every application including lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems. We specialize in designing systems tailored to your needs and can safely minimize energy consumption while ensuring functional and comfortable lighting, temperature and humidity levels in your facility.

Regardlesss of scale or scope, BD Engineering can provide full plumbing system design services for all your project needs. Our experienced engineers have an intimate knowledge of the complex specialty systems that are required by today's strict building codes and will provide an economical, easy to build system. We will provide the necessary due diligence with all the local building officials to ensure a quick approval of your project. We can identify potential problem areas and conflicts in a typical construction project to head off issues before they happen.

BD Engineering offers full service heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design services. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design of systems for all project types. We are sensitive to the critical requirements of the end user and will address your requirements for humidity control, indoor air quality, ease of maintenance, low installed and life cycle costs and overall impact on the interior sound levels and visual aesthetics. BD Engineering will design your HVAC systems to provide proper humidity control and a comfortable environment.