We are very knowledgeable in how to provide a safe and sound structure, as well as knowing what to show in our plans so that you will successfully obtain an permit. Most of our business comes from either performing structural investigations for houses or designing foundations and framing for houses.

We are Structural Engineers with over 20 years in Structural Engineering Experience. Our staff of Structural Engineers include experts in many fields within Structural Engineering. We have all sorts of experts to assist us, including University Professors, Forensic Engineers, Wood Engineers, Structural Steel Engineers, Concrete Engineers, each servicing a different areas, such as Industrial, Warehouses, Residential, Commercial, offices, medical, retail, etc.

We are known for providing timely and affordable Structural Engineering Services, as well as impeccable customer service, and most importantly, our Structural Engineering Solutions save you time and money.

Whether you need a Structural Design for a foundation, or Structural Inspection, or Wall Bracing Letter, or Anything that has do with Structural Engineering, we can provide you without any doubt with the best Structural Engineering Solution in San Antonio, Texas. We work with Banks, Realtors, Developers, Home Builders, Home owners, fabricators, contractors, etc.

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  City San Antonio, TX
  Zip Code 78201
  Address 1006 Vance Jackson
  Phone Number (210) 591-8829

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Before you get foundation repair, consult with our engineers to see if your building will really benefit from foundation repair. You might end up spending thousands on work that has no benefit to your building.
If you are having drainage issues around your home, consult with our drainage engineers to develop a remediation plan to help control the water.
Before you remove or demolish walls for renovation, consult with our structural engineers to help provide beam sizes to supplement the removal of load bearing walls.
So you built something without a permit, our engineers have technology that can see through concrete and analyze framing and foundations to help clear your permit inspections.
We specialize in assessing pier and beam foundations. We actually send a licensed structural engineer underneath your house to assess the foundation.
Having solar panels installed or maybe new clay tiles, our structural engineers can assess the capacity of the roof to carry the new load. The city officials may want a letter of our assessment.
If you dont agree with the conclusions of your Home Warranty or home warranty engineers, our engineers are experienced in assessing foundations and buildings following the standards and criteria of the warranty company to help you appeal their decisions.
Burned buildings can be repaired. We employ 3D lasers to capture the condition of the building to improve our recording of the condition of the building. We can develop appeal reports for insurances related to fire damage.

Commercial Developers/Owners:

Our civil and structural engineers can assess damaged or failing retaining walls, buildings and other structures and develop remeidation plans for repairs.
Before you purchase the multi-family complex or commercial buildings, have our structural and civil engineers assess the condition of the building to provide you with additional insight into structural or civil issues that may not be aparent
Consult with our civil engineers to complete a feasiblity study of your property to understand the platting, zoning and other civil considerations for the development of the land.
Our staff of structural and civil engineers can design your building (steel, concrete, masonry, wood, multi-story, concrete tilt wall panels) and civil plans. For sites with variable grades, we design retaining walls in-house to expedite your plans and development

From Our Website

A-1 Engineering, LLC was formed in 2011 with the vision of providing Texans with non-biased and objective engineering services for their everyday projects and building inquiries. We recognized that the common property owner needed better information to help them with managing their properties. As we have grown, so have our services. Understanding that drainage issues were having a significant impact to the performance of our clients properties, we added a civil drainage engineer to our team. Together, the civil and structural engineers collaborate on providing a more comprehensive assessment on factors that can be causing issues with your foundation.

We believe that a property owner that is better informed and insightful in the performance of their buildings will better preserve the livability of their buildings for generations to come. A-1 Engineering, LLC was founded in 2011 with the focus of helping Texans better understand and manage their buildings. Since then, we have helped thousands of property owners, from commercial properties, multi-family to our next door neighbors. Our expertise extends to engineering commercial buildings, industrial structures, institutional buildings, residential buildings, retaining walls, swimming pools, tanks, cranes, solar panel framing systems, foundations for large structures, carports to sheds.

Foundations are designed to move and they certaintly do. The difference in how much a foundation moves is dependant on how water is controlled around the foundation. Too much water, foundations move up. Not enough, foundations move down. Property owners struggle with the extreme costs of foundation repair only to have the foundation move again due to the one factor that really gets addressed or discussed - "DRAINAGE". Drainage is the science and art of moving water across your property. French drains are not the golden solution to everything.

A-1 Engineering believes in giving back to our community. Each child in our community is a part of the future and we enjoy encouraging and inspiring future engineers. We have participated in career day presentations and engineering programs throughout San Antonio. Along with creating awareness about the engineering field, children get to participate in fun activities that involve engineering. Many schools and organizations particpate in promoting STEM careers. Early exposure to these fields especially engineering, makes these types of careers more approachable for students who may not have a family member or role model to guide them.