We're proud to say that Wayne Bader and Ryan Heuser recently became licensed as professional engineers P.E.. We believe that it is just as important to save human energy by reducing workloads as it's to save energy and water resources by reducing building loads. As seasoned engineers, we constantly apply logical services to a range of opportunities for new products and services.

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For nearly 35 years, that's been 2RW Consultants' focus. We deliver innovative and efficient MEP/FP systems and comprehensive energy consulting services to help building owners reduce total cost of ownership, improve occupant comfort and safety, and tread lightly on the planet. With more than 70 LEED projects in our portfolio and one-third of our technical staff carrying LEED credentials, we're highly qualified to deliver unparalleled energy savings on any building project. As energy plays an increasingly significant role in many organizations' strategic planning initiatives, it's critical to partner with a firm you trust for MEP/FP design and energy consulting; one that has the focus and expertise to deliver long-term energy and cost savings and quality-of-life benefits.

Whether you're an architect, building owner, property manager, owners' representative, or developer, we'll work closelywith you to understand the unique goals of your project and develop solutions that meet your requirements, budget, and timeline. From assessment, planning, design, and construction administration to long-term building management, you'll find that 2RW delivers more than just engineering design-we bring expertise to every phase of your building's lifecycle.

With more than 30 years' experience identifying and analyzing energy conservation opportunities for businesses in a variety of industries, 2RW is equipped to deliver a broad range of services that help building owners manage energy usage. From energy usage analysis, identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs), and energy savings tracking, we have the data and the expertise to recommend appropriate, field-tested solutions that save energy and drive sustainability for your new projects and renovations.

Commissioning (Cx) verifies that a building's systems are designed and installed properly and that they're operationally capable of meeting the design intent and owner's needs. Engaging our Cx professionals from the beginning of your project delivers a variety of benefits: it can help reduce change orders and call-backs, increase the building's energy efficiency, provide you with more-comprehensive documentation, and reduce long-term building operating costs. Throughout the Cx process, we utilize the most current tools and technologies to drive transparency and expedite information sharing and decision making.

Maximizing energy and cost savings begins with proven sustainable design concepts and energy-efficient systems that are properly installed and well-maintained. With this as a foundation, 2RW's engineers will base designs and recommendations on a thorough assessment of your vision, goals, resources, schedule, and budget. We continually evaluateand implement the latest advances in design, materials, and technologies-including Revit and 3Dscanning-to deliver sustainablesolutions that are ideally suited to the needs of your project.

Whether it's upgrading an HVAC system for a renovation or historic restoration project, designing systems for a LEED or Net Zero facility, analyzing energy usage, or commissioning a building, we can help. Our experienced energy, MEP/FP, commissioning, and BIM specialists have the qualifications and expertise to help you achieve your goals with solutions as unique as your projects. For a more-efficient and more-effective design and construction process, 2RW believes in the value of early engagement.

Following is a sampling of our MEP/FP design, energy consulting, and Cx projects across a variety of markets. Our clients' goals for high-performing, aspirational buildings often include the pursuit of LEED or Net Zero, and our growing portfolio currently includes more than 65 projects ranging from LEED Certified to LEED Platinum, some of which are profiled below.

2RW has built a team of talented and highly qualified individuals who excel in their fields. We encourage continuous professional growth and reward hard work, dedication, and loyalty. We're always eager to meet talented people who share our passion for excellence. We hire mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and energy engineers at all levels and are always looking for talented interns. Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about our firm and potential business opportunities at 2RW.